5 great reasons why you should do a yoga training (whether you intend to teach or not)

Everyone is going to be a yoga teacher one day. It really feels that way. With the global coronavirus pandemic, came the realisation that we don’t even need to travel to a classroom to learn how to do anything. In fact, we can learn everything we want at home. So whether you choose to learn about yoga online, in a yoga studio, in a classroom or even in an exotic location you can easily access some amazing benefits of having participated in one (or more) of these life-changing trainings. 

Some people might think that there’s no need to take a training if there’s no intention to teach. They are probably right – but there’s nothing stopping you from having the experience and even, learning a few things that can help enrich your life. And, even if you just show your families a soothing pranayam, or a yoga pose, you have taught someone something.

Here are some of the best reasons to take the plunge and take your yoga teacher training right now:

1. You will deepen your practice like never before

Teacher trainers the world over work hard to carefully create these training all to offer you a deeper and more connective experience of yoga training. Whether you choose to train with your local studio or teacher, or find someone you deeply connect with or just a place you are called to, you will be given the opportunity and the space to set time aside solely for the purpose of practice in the care of trained professionals who had dedicated themselves to exactly this – and it will show.

2. Healing and yoga go hand in hand

Whatever anyone says, “yoga” nowadays describes a collection of technologies that are aiming to guide the users to enlightenment. You cannot ever achieve enlightenment unless you heal. The yoga practice described in traditional manuals is intended for people who have been dedicated and usually since childhood sent to work on this path with a master. Most yoga trainers understand this, and offer counsel and support to either directly help or can direct you to the best suited healer that they know of, whether that’s a massage therapist, art therapist, reiki master, shaman, psychologist, nutritionist or any other profession that works with healing modalities.

3. You can find a great support network

For me, it didn’t happen immediately, but it did happen. After two 200 hour trainings I landed in the community in the second of my “governing” School, the School of Embodied Flow. Within there I found friends, I found family and I found a place I felt I could grow.

4. Trying new things is good for you

While yoga is all about finding the novelty and newness and intricacy of repetition, trying new things is good for you. Breaking out of old patterns, habits and ideas require us to take leaps of understanding that require brand new input.1

5. It’s never been cheaper or easier to try out different teachers and teachings

Cheap doesn’t mean bad. The studio closures and shutdown of tourism the world over mean that every single teacher trainer who relies on trainings as a business has found a way to offer something online. More than ever, there are free classes, cheap subscription services and bargain trainings courses that either offer discounts or payment plans to help you out financially. There are even teachers offering scholarships on their courses! This is the best time to suss out (if you don’t know) what style of yoga suits you the best and whether you want to take a training now over Zoom, or wait until you can gather in person.

Remember that there are yoga trainings out there to suit every single person but they are not really beginners courses. They are usually intended for people who have a solid enough practice to be able to practice autonomously. Having said this, there are many courses that will take beginners and more experienced candidates alike – it all depends where you look and the accreditation that you are offered afterwards.

For those of you who want to teach after you’ve done the course, make sure that your course provider is accredited with a regulatory organisation, as without it you may not be able to qualify for insurance to teach professionally with.2

If you’re still not sure that a teacher training is for you, but want to know more about yoga, maybe you could join an unaccredited course or perhaps it might be a good idea to try out one of those free summits everyone has been going to?


Do you have a story about your teacher training, or are thinking about choosing a course? Has this article given you anything useful?

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Jazmin is a yoga teacher, somonaut and creative being learning how to navigate this human experience. On her journey to a more harmonious life, she hopes to share the fruits of her path so that yours might be more easeful.

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