Easy all levels seated yoga flow for open hips

Why do you need open, stable hips? Metaphysically, the hips house between them the two lowest bodily chakras – muladhara and swadhisthana. These chakras are associated with survival and creativity. Blockages in this area might manifest in your life as problems with housing, money, sexuality, creative output (such as art, music or writing). 

Tight hips that restrict movement can cause back problems all the way from the sacrum through the spine. The idea of practising poses for your hips is to gently open and increase stability. 

Release and relieve pressure with this simple seated flow:

  1. Sufi grind
  2. Seated cat/cow
  3. Seated twist R
  4. Cow face pose R
  5. Seated forehead to knee R
  6. Seated twist L
  7. Cow face pose L
  8. Seated forehead to knee L
  9. Bound cobblers pose
  10. Easy pose/lotus

Try to stay in each pose for at least three full deep breaths, and leave a small gap between the inhale and exhale. You can play with eyes open or closed, whichever feels good for your practice. Feel free to modify any poses with props if you need to raise the floor to your hands or extend the arms.

If you feel called, take savasana or softly chant OM, ten times. Finish with some soothing belly breath by breathing deeply into the lower belly until you can feel your whole body soften and melt into the surrounding space. 

You should find this hip-opening seated yoga flow fairly simple to do and incredibly beneficial, whatever your level or current practice of yoga.

Do you have a story about this yoga flow, or your other favourite seated hip-openers? Has this article given you anything useful?

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Jazmin is a yoga teacher, somonaut and creative being learning how to navigate this human experience. On her journey to a more harmonious life, she hopes to share the fruits of her path so that yours might be more easeful.

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