What is Reiki?

Reiki is the name given to a system of energy healing first widely taught by Dr. Usai. It is a very meditative practice with origins in Japanese Buddhism and is a method of unblocking and restoring the natural flow of life force energy.

Reiki and Jaz

Jaz is certified as a Master, which means she can practice, transmit, teach and train other practitioners. Reiki is just one of the energy healing practices she is adept in, and she utilises more than just this in her sessions.

What to expect

Reiki is performed with the client lying down and relaxing, simply receiving. The practitioner can transmit the energy with hands on or off the body (depending on your comfort level). You may experience sensations while the energy is being transmitted. Each person's experience is deeply personal, but completely normal.

Reiki can also be sent over distance, where the recipient can take the time allotted to lie down and relax or meditate to receive.

What's it for?

Reiki can be called upon for numerous ailments, but working at the highest energetic level does not always have an immediate effect. Immediate benefits of Reiki are:

  • stress relief
  • pain relief
  • addiction cessation aid
  • mental and emotional aid

To see results it is important to continue with a longer term treatment. Jaz recommends blocks of 6 or more.

I loved her classes and also had the chance to have a reiki session with her. Again her generosity of spirit, warmth and understanding married with her curious nature was such a welcomed thing.



Distance 30mins £20/15 mins £10 BOOK NOW

Standalone session 1hr

Standard course 6hrs (spread over max 12 weeks)

Intensive course 10hrs (spread over max 12 weeks)

Concessions are available for low-income, pensions and children. To check, just get in touch.

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