Jaz has been teaching different types of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and offering Reiki as a certified Reiki Master.

She was recommended to begin yoga classes to manage stress from a severe trauma response, and her love of the practice and need for embodiment lead her to taking a training course, in the hope she could learn to help others.

and as a teacher

In her time teaching, she has created beautiful vinyasa, hatha and yin classes with a preference to connect with the inner world and the way the body communicates.

She also enjoys including non-traditional practices such as free movement or dance, journalling, energy sensitivity and tantra, vocal expression, creative expression and more to help people to express themselves as authentically and easily as they can.

She has undertaken formal trainings in vinyasa, tantra, hatha and neo-shamanisn to name a few and loves finding the shared wisdom that comes from a dedication to her practice, to cultural curiosity and gratitude to her teachers.