Attunement, in Reiki, is the process of transmitting the sensitivity and innate knowledge of practicing reiki. It is usually accompanied by training in the history, practice, ethics and business of reiki, as well as mentoring support.

Reiki is designated in levels, and usually learned sequentially to ensure each practice is stable before adding in something more. Like any meditative practice, each "level" often requires a greater personal investment of time spent in meditation to acheive the desired results.

Jaz is a Master and able to communicate and transmit up to master level.

Reiki I

Level one is simply attunement and self practice. Perfect for healing for yourself at home.

Reiki II

Level two is learning to practice on others face to face.

Reiki III

Level three is for sending reiki at a distance.


Mastery is designated upon completion of all the above, and the ability to communicate and transmit the practice of reiki to others.

She is currently accepting students for Reiki I & II in private groups, or others on a one-to-one basis.


Day intensive (Reiki I or II)

Day schedule includes

  • Meditation
  • History of Reiki
  • Vegetarian lunch
  • Group discussion - energy and healing in the body
  • Practice of healing in the modern day
  • Group practice
  • Ongoing distance support

Private tuition

Reiki I 2hrs

Learn Reiki for all levels one-to-one

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